Sermons by Dave Ellis

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Vaccine Centre Celebration Service 05-09-2021


We held a vaccine centre celebration service on Sunday 5th September giving thanks to all that was involved in making this project in our local community so successful, we are sharing the whole service. It is thanks to God that we were able to host the vaccine centre here since the 6th March and it concluded […]

Matthew 5:13-16


On Sunday morning Rev Dave Ellis led us and his sermon was on; ‘You are Salt of the earth. You are the light of the world’. He spoke about a letter that was written by a non Christian in early AD in which the writer describes what he saw in the Christians.  The letter is […]

Hezekiah’s Extra Time


After being told he was going to die, King Hezekiah prayed and God granted him an extra fifteen years of life. Some of that time he used wisely, some he acted foolishly and stored up disaster for his people. How do we use the time God has given us – as individuals and as church? […]

Letting God speak


Praying, listening to God, expecting God to answer, giving God opportunity to speak to us. It’s something that many of us know we should be doing but find very hard to put into practice. We’ll be thinking about this on Sunday morning – and trying to give ourselves the opportunity to hear from God Reading: […]