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Latest Information Church Services As you will be aware from media reports, the Government has lifted some restrictions on Church Services from 4th July. The Government advice issued 29th June and the BU advice issued 30th June is being considered by the Deacons. Now that we have the information on what is allowed and measures we need to undertake, we can begin a risk assessment to ensure all the necessary measures are in place and how these will be managed. This is not a return to public worship, as we will need to know who is attending and numbers will need to be restricted to places available once socially distancing is taken into account. A questionnaire is being prepared for members of the fellowship to express their views on how and when services should resume. Some Baptist Churches have decided not to resume services until September, others are moving to resume as soon as possible. Any decision taken by TBC will take into account views of the membership. The BU advice is available on the BU website should you wish to view this. God bless, Bev Smith, on behalf of the Deacons.


Who are we?
We are a group of Christians seeking to grow in our love of Christ and share His love with all.
When do we meet?
Our main gatherings are on Sundays at 11am and 6.15pm at our Belgrave building. You are welcome to join us. We also have things going on in the week.
What do we do?
We worship, pray, learn more from the Bible, have activities for kids and young people, do craft, enjoy friendship and eat!
Who can come?
Anyone! You! Some of our activities are for specific groups of people, eg Boys Brigade, but within those limits, we welcome anyone to join us. Just turn up and we will point you in the right direction.
What about protection?
We take this seriously - please see our protection page for more details.


What is Christianity all about?
Christianity is about recognising that life is meant to be lived in relationship with God – and that this relationship can only be found through Jesus Christ.
Who can I talk to?
Please contact Bev (Church secretary) or the Church Administrator, or any of the Deacons.
Where is the Church?
We are located in an estate called:
Belgrave Derwent, Belgrave, Tamworth B77 2LD
(Please note, there are two roads called Derwent. You can see the Church building from Field Farm Road so only turn in when you can see the Church building)
For even more info
See the "More Questions" page