Our Sunday morning services start at 11am with a time all together, and then there is the opportunity for children to go to small groups to continue worshipping and learning in their own way.

The very little onecreche (4)s have a supervised play room where they can be left, or you can stay with them if they don’t want to be left. You will be fetched if they become distressed at any stage!

You will see when the children go out – please just go with the crowd and your child will be shown to the correct place. You can then re-join the service.

However, there is no pressure at all for children to leave and they are very welcome to stay with you for the entire time. If they get a bit noisy or restless, don’t worry, we have a sound system that can cope with that! But if they are distressed you are welcome to go with them to crèche or Sunday School.

Once a month we have an “All Age” service when all but the youngest children stay together for the whole service.