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Living as new people


Paul compares the attitudes and actions of those who don’t yet know Jesus with those who have chosen to follow Him. He speaks about the deceitfulness of our “old natures” and the goal of becoming more like God, living righteous and holy lives. And he lists a set of things to avoid doing because of […]

Living to become more like Christ


Recognising who we are in Jesus, Paul encourages believers to be patient, to care for each other, to be united, to be built up, to become mature. It sounds like hard work, it needs commitment, if flows from a deep and living relationship with Jesus. How much are you, how much are we, prepared to […]

Living in the fullness of God


Paul rejoices in the privilege of sharing the good news about Jesus with others, he reminds his readers of the wonderful things God has done through Jesus, he prays for other believers that they will come to experience God in a richer way, he points to the supreme power of God. How much do we […]

Living as united in Christ


Jesus is presented as the one who – through his death on the cross – has broken down barriers and is uniting people together as God’s family. Are you prepared for your barriers to be broken down, are you willing to be involved in breaking down barriers that get in the way of unity? Reading: […]

Living the life we have in Christ


  Sinners, saved by grace, saved for a reason. This is who we are – do we live this way? Reading: Ephesians 2:1-10 Questions to think about: “We are all sinners” – what is the difference between the believer and the non-believer, are we counted as sinners? Discuss what it means to be saved by grace – […]

Living the hope to which we are called


In a powerful prayer Paul prays that the believers in Ephesus will get to know God better and will experience in a deep way the great things that God has done for them / has in store for them. He points to what God has done for Jesus and encourages us to really allow that […]