Church is a community of people who meet together to work out what it means to follow Jesus and then go and share that with others.

It’s about meeting together and with God: to recognise God’s greatness; to read the Bible and think about what it means; to pray; to learn more about God’s purposes for our lives and to seek to put them into practice.

It’s an “extended family” where we seek to support each other, to encourage each other, to challenge each other, to share good times and bad times with each other.

It’s where we can be helped to grow in our knowledge of, and relationship with, God.

It’s a place of welcome, of friendship, of acceptance – even in spite of our differences.

It’s an opportunity to use the gifts and abilities we have to help others and to serve God.

It’s where we can “belong” in a world where this is becoming more and more difficult to do.