4 - Parables of the treasure and the pearl  


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23/10/2017 11:31 am  

What is the message of the parables of the treasure and the pearl (Matthew 13:44 – 45) Is it that precious and central in your own life?

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23/10/2017 1:23 pm  

 I love this parable although haven't heard or read it for a long time. 

It's one that i feel explains what we should all do and that is see God and his kingdom as something so precious and want it so much that we are willing to give everything we have for it.


Have I or do I do that?  NO I don't.  I cling onto to pockets of my life that I want to remain in control of. I put my needs before God's on a regular basis. Why? I am not sure. Is it because I am scared? Yes. Is it because I have doubts? Sometimes. Is it because it's so difficult to do? Yes. And numerous other reasons.

I mentioned in the last lot of questions that when I dedicate my day to God and start it in prayer, the day is a good day and I feel closer to him. Does thing spur me on to start every day like? Yes, but in reality I don't.  But I keep trying.