Graham Criddle

I’m Graham, married to Jo, and we have two sons, Richard (married to Emma, and they have two small children, Abi and Daniel) and David (married to Natalie).

I spent the first part of my working life in the IT Industry but then felt called by God to become a Baptist Minister which is a wonderful role and I am really excited to be the minister at Tamworth Baptist Church.

I love sharing with people about who God is and what He does; about how Jesus was prepared to die on a cross to deal with the problems of people’s sin; about the great life God wants to give us. These are some of the basics of the Christian faith and are so important for us all to understand, appreciate and take on for ourselves.

I really enjoy meeting up with people, to understand how they are getting on and to be able to provide care and support and prayer. I know that many people are facing significant problems and challenges in their lives and it is a real privilege to share with them and to ask God to bless them and help them.

I believe that God wants His people to make a real and positive difference in this world and I seek to encourage them to do so. There are so many wrong things going on around us and – in the words of Jesus – we are called to be salt and light into those situations.

I want to encourage anyone in the Tamworth area who is reading this and feels that they want to know more about God, or are in need of Christian support, to get in touch with me and I will see how I can help.

There are several ways to contact me:

Phone or text: 07951944591
Via social media:

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