Visions in the Bible

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Focusing on Jesus


For a brief moment, three followers of Jesus see something of his real glory, hear God speaking about how much He loves His Son, are challenged to listen to Jesus and to focus on Him alone. What is our understanding of Jesus, are we prepared to focus on Him and not be distracted / influenced […]

Holiness, cleansing and call


Isaiah sees a powerful and frightening vision of God and realises how sinful and unclean he is in God’s sight. But, wonderfully, God makes forgiveness and cleansing possible – and then Isaiah is ready to serve God. Do we need to remember how great God is and how wonderful it is that he is willing […]

Judgment and revelation


Samuel – a young, inexperienced boy – hears God speaking to him directly and giving him a message of judgment. Eli – a old, experienced priest – initially fails to recognise that God is speaking but then, through Samuel, hears that he and his family are going to be judged. Whatever our age, experience of […]

God’s over-ruling power


In this powerful and strange story, we see Abram responding to God – firstly with questions and uncertainty and then with faith and belief. God reminds him of: Who he is – the Lord What he has done – brought him out from his home country What he will do – give him the land […]