The Trinity

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Relating to the Spirit


The Holy Spirit is someone whom we can struggle to understand – but he was sent to help us understand Jesus better, set us free from sin, empower us for life, be God living in us, help us know that we are daughters and sons of God. He also comes to challenge us in the […]

Relating to God the Father


In this amazing passage we see so many things that God the Father has done for us – and they tell us about how much he loves us, how much he generously gives us. But it also tells us that God did this for a purpose – so that we should live “holy and blameless […]

Thinking about the Trinity


One of the mysteries of the Christian faith is that we worship and serve the God who is “three-in-one”, the God who is Father, Son and Spirit. Is this something we tend to ignore or something that we find wonderful and helpful in our relationship with God? How do you understand the “Trinity”? Reading: Galatians […]