The story of Ruth

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Ruth – the royal line


The book of Ruth ends with a list of ten names – a family tree. And Boaz, the husband of Ruth, is included there as is their son. And this encourages us to draw back from the details of the story and to look at the wider picture, as to where it fits in the […]

Ruth – rescue through the Kinsman Redeemer


As this beautiful story reaches its climax, we cannot fail to see how God takes the tangled web of our lives and the situations we encounter to weave them into the awesome pattern of his great plan for saving the world. At first sight this is the story of a Gentile widow and her mother-in-law, […]

Ruth – the complication for the royal line


A cunning plan, detailed preparation, careful execution. Lying in wait, making proposals, waiting to see what happens next. These are just some of the things we see as the story develops and nears its finale. And we also see Naomi working to ensure that Ruth can come to a place of rest, a place of […]

Ruth – The ray of hope for the royal line


Naomi and Ruth are now living in Bethlehem but they have no-one to provide for her – so Ruth goes out into the harvest fields to pick up stalks of grain missed by the harvesters. As she does so – and as the story develops – we get an insight into the society in which […]

Ruth – crisis for the royal line


As we get into the story of Ruth we see how her father-in-law Elimelek tries to make provision for his family by moving to a foreign country; how Naomi blames God for the things that happen to her; how Orpah decides she has had enough and returns home; how Ruth commits herself fully to Naomi […]

Ruth – when the judges ruled


In this series on Ruth we’re going to be looking at the story of three people – a widow, a young woman and a farmer- who lived and worked around 3,000 years ago in Israel. And, this week, we are thinking about the context in which they lived. It was a time when their land […]