The Mission of God’s People

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The Church’s Mission – People who praise and pray


Throughout the bible there is a dual focus in the work and spiritual life of God’s people. First, the central focus of worship. – to live to worship and to glorify God our creator and saviour. We also engage in its companion focus, mission, to encourage other people to celebrate in the wonderful work of […]

People who live and work in the public square


This evening we remind ourselves that we all live lives in a particular context with many different pressures upon us – and in those situations we are called to live as people of God, committed to the things we are doing and committed to God. In the example of three young men we will see […]

People who send and are sent


Throughout the Bible we see God is a “sending God” – someone who calls His people to go into difficult and challenging situations to bring rescue & deliverance and to tell people about Him. And God loved us so much he sent His Son into the world, and continues to send His Spirit into the […]

People who proclaim the Gospel of Christ


God repeatedly brings good news into the world as He reaches out to rescue and restore his people. He has done this in many ways and, particularly, by sending his own son, Jesus, into the world to deliver this good news in person. And he calls people like us to join with him in telling […]

People who bear witness to the living God


We continue our reflections on the Church’s Mission, using Christopher Wright’s excellent book The Mission of God’s People: a Biblical Theology of the Church’s Mission, and three key passages of scripture: Isaiah 43:8 – 11, Luke 24:45 – 49, and Acts 1:1 – 8. One of the opening verses of the Bible states God said: […]

People who know the one living God and Saviour


Over the next few weeks we’re going to be thinking about what it means to be God’s people and what He calls us to do. Something that many of us have a good understanding of but we’ll be exploring it again and seeing something of what it means. This evening we’ll be looking at two […]