Stepping Stones

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Stepping Stones – part 9 – Waiting for the promise


Between the return of exile & settling back into the land and the events of the New Testament there is a “quiet period” – a time of approximately 400 years about which our Bibles say very little. But we know that the people were still living through very difficult and challenging times through which they […]

Stepping Stones – part 8 – Homeless, homecoming & hope


The people in the northern kingdom were exiled into Assyria and people from other countries were moved in to take their place. The people in the south were exiled into Babylon but – after 70 years – had the opportunity to return and rebuild the temple of the Lord. Are we, in some way, in […]

Stepping Stones – part 7 – Prophets and losses


We have thought about how the people of Israel and their rulers turned against God and started the long slide to defeat and exile. But during this time there were voices – often lone voices – who spoke out powerfully and clearly to bring God’s word of challenge and warning to the people. These people […]

Stepping Stones – part 6 – Judges, kings & kingdoms

The next 700 or so years sees local leaders called to guide the people, a kingdom being set up, the kingdom splitting apart and – eventually – ending in exile. There are some bright spots in the story, but there are many dark events as well and the overall direction is downwards. We’ll read from Judges 2:8-23 & 2 […]