Spiritual warfare

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Resist, stand firm, commit ourselves to God


The final installment in our series on spiritual warfare – with a reminder to be aware that the devil is real and “on the prowl”, a call to stand firm and resist, the need to commit ourselves humbly and completely to God. How will we respond – how will we engage in the spiritual battle […]

Struggle is against dark and evil forces


For Paul the message seems simple: Those who believe in Jesus are in a battle against spiritual forces which we can’t win on our own, but we can be assured of victory if we make use of what God has provided for us. How do you respond to these claims and challenges? How familiar are […]

Spiritual weapons not of this world


Our war and our weapons are not of this world. Paul experienced a struggle in Corinth. A group of preachers and teachers arrived from Judea with a letter of recommendation and practised ecstatic and visionary experiences. To them Paul was an enigma. In person he seemed to be timid. Yet in his writings he was […]

Disciples engaging with spiritual forces


A story of people prepared to do what Jesus told them, to go where he sent them, and to act in his power. And as they did so, they saw amazing things happen and experienced wonderful things. Are we prepared to go and act in a similar way? Reading: Luke 10:1, 17-24 Questions to think […]

Spiritual Warfare – Temptation


Just before starting his public ministry, Jesus goes into the desert and is alone for 40 days – and the devil comes to tempt him, to try and divert him from the path God has for it. How does Jesus respond, how can that help us when we are tempted ourselves? Reading: Luke 4:1-13 Questions to […]

Looking beyond


In this strange story Daniel has a vision and meets a heavenly being – an angel? – who has been sent by God to speak to him and explain what is going to happen in the world. But this being was held up by another supernatural being – one who is in opposition to God. […]