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Paraclesis – The importance of companionship


This evening we’re continuing with the theme of journeying and thinking about the real value in having people to share life with in all of its ups and downs.. Are we prepared to be supportive companions to each other, are we prepared to help carry each other’s burdens? Reading: Ecclesiastes 4:7-12  

Paraclesis – Journeying

Each of us have experienced many different things in our life – and those experiences can be a gift that we can share with others as they go through similar things. Is this a gift we are willing to offer to people in our church and beyond? In our story today we read of a […]

Paraclesis – Loving each other


This evening we’re continuing with the theme of loving and looking at an occasion where Jesus called on his followers to love each other. Why did Jesus choose to focus on this at that moment; what was he really trying to get his followers to think about / to do; what was he preparing them […]

Paraclesis – Loving


What would it be like to be part of a group of people where loving each other was really important to everyone? Love that causes us to encourage each other to grow in our relationship with Jesus; love that causes us to come alongside those in need; love that doesn’t make excuses but tries to […]

Paraclesis – Looking out for the interests of others


This evening we’re continuing with the theme of caring and, in particular, recognising that when someone is in need they need someone to care, not someone to tell them where they are going wrong. Sometimes it is right to come alongside someone and point out things they haven’t quite got right, things they haven’t understood, […]

Paraclesis – Caring


Over the next few weeks we’ll be thinking about how we – as a community of God’s people – can support, encourage and help each other and those we meet. What does it mean to care, to love, to journey with, to connect and so forth? This morning we’re looking at the subject of caring […]