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Complaining to God


Judgment has been avoided, God has acted in mercy and Jonah is fuming. This isn’t how the world should work, this is how he was concerned that God would act, everything is falling to pieces – so much so that he didn’t see how he could carry on. But God challenges how he is reacting, […]

Obeying God


Jonah has escaped the fish and finds God telling him, again, to go to Nineveh. This time he goes, he does what he is told to and the results are amazing. Is God maybe giving you a second chance to respond to Him? Or is God pointing out to you that you need His forgiveness? […]

Praying to God


From the depths of the sea, from the depths of despair, Jonah prays and calls out to God. What did he say, what would you have said, what could you say to God from the situation you are in?

Running away from God


The story of Jonah is well known to many: he runs away, he is thrown into the sea, he is swallowed by a big fish; three days later he is thrown out onto the shore; he goes and does what he should have done in the first place. But what does this first chapter – […]