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Genesis 1:1-13 Got the creator, and John 1:1-5


Bev led the service and the service was themed on God the creator and Jesus the living Saviour. The readings came from Genesis 1:1-13. God the creator of all things. and John 1:1-5 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God.   http://tamworthbaptists.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/2020-03-08-PM-Service.mp3

God is … spirit


In the middle of a debate with a woman he met at a well, Jesus speaks about God being spirit and the importance of worshipping his “in spirit and truth”. Jesus is saying that everything has changed – questions about where to worship God which were so important at the time are now meaningless. What […]

God is … holy


What does holy mean to you? Or, how do you see God? The Bible speaks of God being holy, of being “other”. Someone totally beyond us, greater than us, different. Not a bigger or better version of us but different and separate. He is the creator, we are his creation. In Jesus, he chose to […]

God is … love


God is described as being “love” – and acting towards us out of love. Actions that included sending his Son to die for us, living in us, making us more like Jesus. And because love comes from God, we can’t really love – as we were intended to love – without knowing God, believing in […]

God is … light


God is described as being “light” – not just in the sense that He is the source of light (although that is true) but in a moral sense as well. He is totally good and opposed to everything that is evil and sinful. And his people are called to live as “children of light” (John […]