Engaging with the world

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Engaging with the other


God’s people were commanded to act justly and generously towards those who couldn’t defend themselves, who could have easily been exploited. Jesus spent time with people that “good society” wanted to ignore. How do you respond to people on the edge of society, people who are “different”? Are you happy with your answer or do […]

Civic responsibility


Paul calls on followers to Jesus to be subject to those in power, to contribute to their work, to honour and respect them. Sometimes – when we see how they behave and what they do – that can be difficult to accept and live up to. So how will you respond to Paul’s challenge to […]



As we near Brexit nationalistic and patriotic passions abound in the world, sometimes whipped up by populist political leaders. How should we respond as Christians? Einstein called nationalism “an infantile disease. The measles of mankind.” C. S. Lewis wrote: that “love of country becomes a demon when it becomes a god.” What would Jesus do? […]