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The vital importance of the resurrection


The amazing story of Easter is that around 2000 years ago a man died in agony on a cross – but that he was there willingly, it was part of God’s plans and purposes, it was in that death that he was going to defeat sin and suffering and evil and death itself. And as […]

Two agendas


In the few days between his triumphal entry into Jerusalem and his death on the cross; Jesus engages in debate, challenge, criticism and praise. Those opposed to him try and come up with the best way of getting rid of him. And over a meal in Bethany we are challenged to think about how much […]

Two disciples on Palm Sunday


Jesus sends two of his followers to get a donkey, he rides into Jerusalem to a rapturous welcome, and then he slips out again unnoticed. They had done what Jesus commanded them to do but they may have been left wondering what it was all for, what did it mean? Are we simply prepared to […]