While we often think of the Psalms as hymns and songs – speaking words of lament and praise among many other themes – there are some which are thought of as Wisdom Psalms such as the one we are looking at tonight.

It compares and contrasts two ways of living, two ways of relating to God, and argues that the only way to long-term prosperity and blessing is through trusting in God, through waiting on Him.

And it uses the idea of “the land” as the fulfilment of blessing – an idea that Jesus picks up later (Matthew 5:5) to explain how He is calling citizens of God’s kingdom to live. And, throughout his ministry, Jesus works to bring people back into the place of God’s blessing and we are challenged to continue that mission today.

Reading: Psalm 37:1-40

Questions to think about:

  • How do the principles outlined in this psalm help us engage with the world today – with its injustice and wickedness?
  • How difficult do we find it to commit ourselves to God, to trust God, to be still before Him (vv 5, 7)?
  • Jesus expands on verse 11 in Matthew 5:5 as part of describing a kingdom way of living (Matt 5:3-12). What one thing in these verses can you try and develop as part of becoming closer to God?


Note: About 21 1/2 minutes in Graham speaks about Zacchaeus, a tax collector transformed by meeting with Jesus. Unfortunately, Graham refers to him as Lazarus! It is Zacchaeus who is being spoken about.