This book is about a man’s search for meaning in life; a man who ends up disillusioned and concludes that there is no point to it at all. Does this sound familiar?

But there is also thread of hope, as people are pointed to God as a way to find meaning and purpose in life. And we find that fully demonstrated in the life of Jesus and the life he calls us to share with him.

This is a look at the reality of life and brings a message of hope and purpose and fulfillment.

Readings: Ecclesiastes 1:1-14, 12:9-14

Questions to think about:

  • How much are the issues raised in this book descriptive of how many people feel today?
  • As noted on Sunday evening the importance of relating to God is like a thread running through the book. How can we realise this in our own lives?
  • Jesus came to transform life from a drab routine to a completely full and satisfying life (John 10:10). How much do you think our friends and neighbours see this demonstrated and lived out in our lives?