In the few days between his triumphal entry into Jerusalem and his death on the cross; Jesus engages in debate, challenge, criticism and praise. Those opposed to him try and come up with the best way of getting rid of him.
And over a meal in Bethany we are challenged to think about how much we are prepared to give for Jesus. Or are we more focused on our own plans than what he wants?

Readings: Mark 11:15-17, 27-33; 14:1-11

Questions to think about:

  • In Mark 11:15-17 we see Jesus working to remove barriers to worship. What barriers may we be putting in the way of people meeting with Jesus?
  • In Mark 11:27-33 (and elsewhere in the following chapters) Jesus is presented with “trick questions” to trip him up. How can the example of Jesus help us in responding to those who ask questions of us?
  • In Mark 14:3 we see an act of profligate worship. How much are we prepared to give for Jesus? Or do we, like the disciples, criticise those who we think are giving “too much”?