A young man comes to Jesus and asks him how he can be sure of eternal life. Jesus engages with him in conversation but – not liking the answer, finding the cost too high, the man walks away disappointed.

What may Jesus be calling on us to give up, what may we be holding on to as more important than following him?

Readings: Matthew 19:16-30

Questions to think about:

  • The young man was aware something was missing in his life (verse 20). What causes us to feel that way at times?
  • Jesus focused on the issue and told him clearly what he needed to do (verse 21). In his position, how would you have decided?
  • The young man couldn’t step up to what Jesus was asking and went away (verse 22). How do you feel about him and his decision?
  • Jesus recognised what he was calling for was hard, but it was possible (verse 26). Why might this sort of response be hard for you?
  • Are there things that are more important to you than following Jesus?