The servant was sent to do amazing things that would bless many people – but before he could go he needed to be anointed by God; so he could go in God’s strength. It was true for the servant in Isaiah, it was true for Jesus, it was true for the first disciples, it is true for us.
In what you seek to do for God, are you doing it in your own strength or in the power of God’s anointing, filled with the Holy Spirit?

Readings: Isaiah 61:1-3; Luke 4:14-21

Questions to think about:

  • If you had to describe the purpose of anointing to a non-believing friend what would you say?
  • What are the risks in trying to do what we think God wants without being anointed by Him?
  • What do you believe Jesus is sending you to do? Are you seeking the anointing of the Spirit to enable and equip you?