Paul speaks about the wonderful things God has done and will do for the church – and how this has all been made possible through the person and work of Jesus.
Recognising that, he calls us to live lives that are worthy of this high calling in response to all the blessings we have and do receive (4:1). How much are we prepared to live this way?

Reading: Ephesians 1:3-14

Questions to think about:

  • Paul refers to the church in four places in this letter (1:22; 3:10,21; 5:23-32). How do these verses challenge us as part of the church? How much do we live up to them?
  • Paul refers to some amazing things God has done for us (1:4, 6, 18; 2:6). How do you respond to this?
  • Paul speaks about some of the ways the church should act and behave (1:12; 2:10; 4:1) How can we do this more?