Jesus acknowledges that no-one knows when he is going to return – but makes it clear that he will return one day.

The fact that people won’t be expecting him, won’t be ready for him, will not change anything. He will return when he returns, and people will meet him – ready or not.

And Jesus raises questions as to whether we are ready to meet Jesus, and whether we are behaving as he would want while we wait for him. How would you answer those questions?

Reading: Matthew 24:1-3; 36-51

Questions to think about:

  • When was the last time you thought about Jesus’ return?
  • What things make it hard to “watch” and “be ready” for it? (v42-44)
  • Looking at v36-41, what one thing is most helpful to you to remind you to “watch” and “be ready”?
  • If you knew for sure that Jesus would come back on Dec 25th this year (you don’t!), is there one thing about your life that would change, or something you would do now? Do you think that should happen anyway?
  • Is there one practical thing you want to do through advent to help yourself (and others in the church) “watch” and “be ready”?