Jesus launched his public ministry with a manifesto in Nazareth (Luke 4:14-30) making a claim to be the Messiah people were waiting for. And he says that one of the things he has come to do is to rescue those who are struggling.

What did the people expect of a Messiah? What did they need him to do?

What are the implications for us as followers of Jesus today? Who and what needs to be rescued and what part should we be playing?

Reading: Luke 4:14-30

Questions to think about:

  • The obligations Jesus was taking on (verses 18-21) were vast. How would you evaluate them politically and socially?
  • Outsiders, those who didn’t know God, needed to be rescued (verses 24-27). Who are these people for us?
  • Insiders, those who saw themselves as God’s people, needed to be rescued (verses 28-30). Why did they respond in the way they did? Do we do the same?
  • If this is what Jesus came to do, how do we – as his disciples – continue that work?