Jesus speaks about the Jerusalem temple being destroyed and his disciples want to know when it will happen and when he will return.

We are so often fascinated by dates and times that we don’t see the significance behind the events. Jesus explains that even though the temple – the centre of political and religious life for their nation – would be destroyed, we would still have access to God – but through him.

Major events rock the world, but God is still in control.

Reading: Matthew 24:1-35

Questions to think about:

  • The disciples wanted to know when the temple would be destroyed, when Jesus would return (v3)? How much do we focus on when things will happen instead of being prepared for them?
  • How can the warnings Jesus gives about world events and how his followers will be treated (vv4-14) help guide our understanding today?
  • What is Jesus trying to communicate when he speaks about the Son of Man being seen in heaven in glory and power, and gathering his chosen people to him (vv30-31)? How should this affect how we live today?


(Due to technical problems no audio recording is available but sermon notes are attached)