Jesus talks to individuals, and a crowd, and makes it clear that following him carries a cost. It involves commitment, it means being prepared to suffer for him, it means putting him first.
Not something that comes naturally to us – but it is the way of fully entering into what Jesus wants for us.
Is the cost going to keep you back from really following Jesus?

Readings: Luke 9:57-62; 14:25-35

Questions to think about:

  • Jesus speaks with three potential followers (9:57-62). What does this tell us about his expectations of those who follow him?
  • Jesus says those who don’t hate their family or their own life cannot be a disciple (14:26). What did he mean? Is it realistic?
  • Jesus calls his followers to “carry their cross” and follow him (14:27). What might this look like for you?
  • Jesus tells stories of a man building a tower and a king going to war (14:28-32). What point is he making?
  • Jesus calls on people to hear his words (verse 35). How will you respond?