This Sunday morning, we have the privilege of baptising two young men who have experienced God’s love in their lives and committed themselves to following Jesus.

As we rejoice with them and our families we are challenged about our own commitment to follow Jesus. Have we made that commitment, have we let it slip, are there things we need to get right in our relationship with him?

Reading: Matthew 3:13-17

Questions to think about:

  • John, echoing Isaiah, challenged people to “prepare the way for the Lord” (v3). Is there anything we should be doing to prepare for what Jesus wants to do amongst us?
  • As we celebrate baptism we are challenged about our response. Have you been baptised – if not, why not? If you have, are you living up to the commitments you made that day?
  • Imagine you had been there with John and seen heaven opened, the Spirit descending, God speaking words of love and pleasure. How would you respond, how will you respond?

(Due to technical problems no audio recording is available)