The crucified and risen Jesus appears to his frightened and confused followers and speaks words of peace and blessing – there is no need to be afraid as they follow the One who has even defeated death. And then he invites them to be part of his ongoing mission to bring light and hope and peace to the entire world.

“As the Father has sent me” – a reminder that he was sent into the world by God to bring life and freedom and joy, even though it caused him to follow a path of suffering and pain and sacrifice.

“I am sending you” – the mission is to continue, and is to continue today, following the call of Jesus to join him in being God’s representatives on earth.

“Receive the Holy Spirit” – we can’t do the work on our own, but we don’t need to as we receive God’s Holy Spirit into our lives.

Where will the call and enabling of God take us this year as we seek to be obedient to Jesus and to follow his example?

Reading: John 20:19-23

Questions to think about:

  • What do you think it meant for the Son of God to be sent into this world? What did it mean to His Father, to Him, to heaven?
  • What sort of things did Jesus experience here on earth? How should that make us think about what we should expect as we are sent by Him?
  • What does it mean to you that you are being sent by Jesus in the same was as His Father sent Him?
  • Where do you think Jesus may be sending you, what do you think He may be sending you to do?