Naomi and Ruth are now living in Bethlehem but they have no-one to provide for her – so Ruth goes out into the harvest fields to pick up stalks of grain missed by the harvesters. As she does so – and as the story develops – we get an insight into the society in which she was living which has some significant echoes with our own. A society which does try to care for the disadvantaged but where they are still often open to abuse and exploitation. As we see how a rich farmer relates positively to her we are challenged as to how we relate to the marginalised in our world.

We are left with a sense that something good is going to happen – that some way will be found for the royal line to be preserved – but nothing is clear or certain.

Reading: Ruth 1:22-2:23

Questions to think about:

  • Ruth was in a society where care for the marginalised was enshrined in law but they still seemed open to abuse. What parallels do you see with our society today?
  • In what ways did Boaz act positively towards Ruth? How can we act positively to those on the edges of our society?
  • What change do you see in Naomi’s attitude towards God? What has triggered it, and what sort of things change people’s attitude to God today?