A cunning plan, detailed preparation, careful execution. Lying in wait, making proposals, waiting to see what happens next. These are just some of the things we see as the story develops and nears its finale.
And we also see Naomi working to ensure that Ruth can come to a place of rest, a place of comfort, a place of security – and we are encouraged to find our security, our rest in Jesus.

Reading: Ruth 3:1-18

Questions to think about:

  • Ruth was much more proactive than Naomi had told her to be. Was she right to be so?
  • Those few moments as Ruth waited for Boaz to respond to her request for marriage must have been hard for her. Can you think of times when you have waited for a response from someone over something significant? How did you feel?
  • Naomi tried to find rest for Ruth by coming up with a plan, putting it in place and then waiting to see what happened. Which of these are you good at, which do you struggle with?