As we get into the story of Ruth we see how her father-in-law Elimelek tries to make provision for his family by moving to a foreign country; how Naomi blames God for the things that happen to her; how Orpah decides she has had enough and returns home; how Ruth commits herself fully to Naomi and to God.

Which of these characters do we most associate with, which of their traits do we demonstrate – and are we ok with this?

Reading: Ruth 1:1-22

Questions to think about:

  • Elimelek took his wife and two sons to a hostile country so they could have food. As far as we know this was his decision without regard for God. How often do we seek to involve God in important decisions in our lives?
  • Naomi blamed God for the bad things she had experienced. Do we tend to do the same, is this a good thing to do?
  • Ruth was prepared to fully commit herself to Naomi and Naomi’s God – without knowing what that would mean. How much does this challenge us in how we relate to God?