Jesus was recognised by his followers as their “rabbi”.
As such he taught them, he guided them, he led them, he helped them understand how they should live as God’s people.
They were completely under his authority, totally bound by his teaching, and fully committed to doing what he called them to do.
How does this match up with the way you follow Jesus today?

Readings: Luke 6:39-42; John 13:12-17

Questions to think about:

  • There is a need to be “fully trained” (Luke 6:39). What should that mean for us?
  • The student is to be “like their teacher” (Luke 6:39). Are we prepared to engage with the teaching of Jesus to become more like him?
  • Jesus, teacher and lord, washed his follower’s feet (John 13:5). What does this say to you?
  • Jesus calls his followers to do the same, to follow his example (John 13:14-15). What should that look like for us?
  • Blessing follows from doing what we know we should (John 13:17). How much are we prepared to act on what we learn from Jesus?