Have you ever found that someone you introduced to something – a hobby, a sport, a job – ended up being so much better than you at it? And, if so, how did you feel about it?
This was the position John found himself in as Jesus – whom he had baptised and who had started his public ministry later – was getting all the attention and popularity.
And John responded by rejoicing that people were following Jesus and fully accepting that He had to take priority.
Do we want Jesus to be first, or do we want people to focus on us?

Reading: John 3:22-30

Questions to think about:

  • People who had followed John were now following Jesus. Have you ever lost popularity to someone else? If so, how did it make you feel?
  • John reflects on his role and his goals. How would you summarise what he says?
  • “He must become greater”. What do you think John meant? Does this motivate you?
  • “I must become less”. Why did John say this? Are you willing to sign up to this?
  • John found joy and satisfaction in knowing Jesus (verse 29), nothing else seemed to matter. Where are you seeking joy and satisfaction in life?