Throughout the Bible we see God is a “sending God” – someone who calls His people to go into difficult and challenging situations to bring rescue & deliverance and to tell people about Him.
And God loved us so much he sent His Son into the world, and continues to send His Spirit into the lives of His people.

How do you feel about being sent by God? What difference does it make in your life?

Readings: Exodus 3:10-15; John 3:16-21

Questions to think about:

  • Moses recognised his inadequacy to do what God was sending him to do (Ex 3:11). How does God’s response to him help us when we feel the same?
  • What does it mean to you that God loved us enough to send His Son into the world to save it/us (John 3:16-17)?
  • How do we identify people whom God is calling for particular work (Acts 13:1-3)? How can we support them and send them?