Paul is preparing for the next stage in his work for God – travelling to Jerusalem, then on to Rome and then to Spain. He is concerned about some of the things that might happen and so shares what is on his heart and mind with the believers in Rome. And he asks them to pray for him.
Even this great apostle recognised that he couldn’t stand alone and that the prayers of God’s people was a great benefit and blessing in his ministry.
Whatever we are seeking to do for God, are we also prepared to share our needs with others and to ask them to pray specifically for us?
How much would doing this strengthen and deepen our relationships as well as increasing what we were able to achieve for God?

Reading: Romans 15:14-33


  • Paul took time to explain what was going on, what he was trying to achieve for Jesus, and asked people to pray specifically for him. Do we do this, would it be good to do it more?
  • How much are you aware of the needs of other believers as they minister for God? Are you praying to support them?
  • Think about one particular person or situation that you could commit to pray for on a regular basis. Are you prepared to commit to do this?