This morning we bring our Paraclesis thoughts to a close – for now – and will be particularly thinking about brokenness and healing.

We’ll be recognising that we all experience times of brokenness and suffering – and often know people close to us who are going through them as well – and thinking about where God is during those times, how he engages.

And as we think about healing we’ll remind ourselves how Jesus came, to stand in our place, to forgive our sins, to heal our wounds – to offer us the opportunity of a new chance at life.

He died so that we might experience the fullness of life – let’s be prepared to receive it

Readings: Isaiah 61:1-3; 53:1-5

Questions to think about:

  • The words of Isaiah 61:1-2 are applied by Jesus to himself in Luke 4:17-21. Can you think of times in your life when Jesus has blessed you in one of these ways?
  • Similarly the sacrifice outlined in Isaiah 53:1-5 is applied to Jesus (see 1 Peter 2:24-25 for an example). What does it mean to you that Jesus was prepared to do this for us?
  • How can we take this message of Jesus being there in brokenness and offering himself in our place to a suffering and needy world?