It had all got a bit much for Moses. After leading the people out of Egypt and being with them as they met with God and received His law they are now complaining – about what was on the menu – and looking back with longing to their former lives.

As Moses heard their wailing something snapped and he didn’t want to be responsible for them anymore. It was too much, he hadn’t asked for the job, he felt totally alone and didn’t see how he could continue to like this.

And, instead of lashing out at the people, he turns to God and asks some frank and heart-felt questions about what is going on and how things are going to work out.

God doesn’t criticise Moses, He doesn’t tell him to stop complaining – rather He explains to Moses what He is going to do to fix the problem and make life easier moving forwards.

How do we respond when we get to the end of what we think we are able to do – particularly do for God?

Reading: Numbers 11:10-23

Questions to think about:

  • The people are complaining, Moses feels under great pressure and doesn’t know how to cope. How do you respond in situations like this?
  • How would you describe Moses’ prayer in verses 11-15? Is he complaining, asking God to do something, giving up or something else?
  • How much does this give us “permission” to be open and honest with God about how we are feeling about what He has asked us to do?