Jesus, and those in the early church, seemed to be less interested in people simply coming to believe in Him than for this to totally change people’s lives.
They were less focused on “conversion” and more focused on “transformation”.
Have we lost some of this and, if so, how do we get it back?
What difference will this make in your life, and the lives of those around you, this week?

Reading: Matthew 28:16-20

Questions to think about:

  • Becoming a disciple changed the way the teacher of the law (Matthew 13:52) and Joseph (Matthew 27:57) acted. How is it changing us?
  • Making disciples (according to both Matthew 28:19 and Acts 14:21) requires action. What motivated people to do it then, what motivates us today?
  • Becoming a disciple, and making disciples, resulted in changed lives. Are we prepared for that, are we making this clear to others?
  • Acts 12:21 says that the result of preaching the gospel was new disciples. Have we separated conversion from encouraging people to be disciples? If so, is that unhelpful?