Recognising who we are in Jesus, Paul encourages believers to be patient, to care for each other, to be united, to be built up, to become mature.

It sounds like hard work, it needs commitment, if flows from a deep and living relationship with Jesus.

How much are you, how much are we, prepared to put in the effort to live this way?

Readings: Ephesians 4:1-16

Questions to think about:

  • “Living a life worthy of your calling” (v1). What does that mean to you, what is your calling, what are the challenges you face in doing this?
  • The responsibility of leaders in the church seems to be equipping God’s people for the work of the church (vv11-12). Is that how you see things?
  • Paul seems to be looking for growth in believers: “built up” (v12); “reach unity”, “become mature”, “attain the measure of the fullness of Christ” (v13), “grow to maturity” (v15), “grows and builds itself” (v16). Are we committed to this?