Paul rejoices in the privilege of sharing the good news about Jesus with others, he reminds his readers of the wonderful things God has done through Jesus, he prays for other believers that they will come to experience God in a richer way, he points to the supreme power of God.
How much do we do these things in our context?

Reading: Ephesians 3:1-21

Questions to think about:

  • Paul speaks about the church being the means for God’s wisdom to be made known throughout the universe (v10). Do we recognise this, how much do we seek to live up to it?
  • Paul speaks about appreciating the immeasurable love of Christ (v18-19). What does the love of Christ mean to you?
  • Paul reminds us that God can do so much more than anything we “ask or imagine” (v20). How much do we constrain God by our thoughts being “too small”?