Jesus encourages his followers to focus on being “blessed” – being in a right relationship with God – rather than just seeking happiness. What are our priorities, have we got things the wrong way round?
And as blessed people we are to be salt and light in the world – pushing back evil and sharing good news.
The challenging call of Jesus – how will we respond?

Reading: Matthew 5:1-16

Questions to think about:

  • In verses 3-12, Jesus speaks about different ways of life that result in real blessing. How do your experiences compare with his claims?
  • Verse 13 has a statement, a question and a warning. How do you respond to these?
  • Jesus speaks about his followers being the light of the world (verse 14). Does this excite you, challenge you, frighten you or something else?
  • Jesus says that people don’t hide lights; they let them shine (verse 15). How do we “hide our light”?
  • We are to shine to bring glory to God (verse 16). What motivates what you do as a follower of Jesus?