Unfortunately the sermon was not recorded. But here is some written words that Nick spoke about.

The reading is John 16:1-15 and Nick has entitled the sermon “The Presence of the Living God”

Nick updated us about his family and that he was happy to be with us. He also did a trick with a can of pop to show that when we are down and finding things difficult the spirit of the Lord can fill us and make us whole.

His sermon was on the Holy Spirit of the God. He explored Peter questioning his faith. Jesus was to build the Church. God will work through us; his spirit will work through the life of the church and God is present amongst his people.

Nick shared 3 points with us about the sermon:

1st Distinctive people separated from other people and faith people. Example the old testament – Exodus God being with his people and leading them with Fire by night and smoke during the day.

2nd God is present with us not in a passive way. God is growing his church. He is active with us.

3rd God is present and active in our midst that makes us a new covenant people. He explored that we are like Salt and light and also that Jesus was sent out with the Holy Spirit.