In a few quiet hours before the terrible events that will lead to his crucifixion and agonising death Jesus comes to His Father and asks if there is another way, a way that would mean He didn’t have to go through with all that the cross meant.

Simple words – but words that give us an insight into the horror of the cross and what it cost Jesus to move ahead to it, when He knew that He could ask His Father to send hosts of angels to protect Him (Matthew 26:53). But words that demonstrate that, even faced with such a death, Jesus was totally committed to doing what His Father wanted Him to do.

And while His Father hears the prayers of His beloved Son He knows that there is no other way if creation is going to be restored, if people are going to be forgiven of the sin that separates from God. And so, willingly submitting to His Father’s will, Jesus prepares to continue to the cross.

These are words that cause us to stop and think; of the love of Jesus; of the love of the Father; of what it means to pray “Your will be done”.

Reading: Matthew 26:36-46

Questions to think about:

  • What does this prayer teach us about the humanity of Jesus?
  • What does this prayer teach us about the willingness of Jesus to be obedient to His Father’s will?
  • Does this give us a deeper appreciation of what it means to pray “Your will be done”?