This Sunday morning, we had the privilege of baptising Marilia as she testified to her faith in God and what God has done in her life. As we did so we reflected on the privilege of being adopted into God’s family and what it means to be baptised “into Christ Jesus”.

As we shared this time with Marilia, let’s challenge ourselves as to whether we are really living as God’s adopted daughters & sons and how much this relationship affects the way we live.

Readings: Galatians 3:26-29; Romans 6:1-4

Questions to think about:

  • How did Sunday’s baptismal service speak to you? If you have been baptised what memories did it bring back? If you haven’t, did it challenge you to consider it for yourself?
  • How would you describe being “adopted into God’s family” to a friend over coffee?
  • Paul speaks about us being “baptised into Christ”. What does this tell you about your identity? How does this encourage you?