Jesus is described as being “full of grace and truth” (John 1:14).
Which of these do we emphasise, which of these do we lead with, when dealing with others?
Do we find it to be easy to be gracious but steer away from telling someone truth they might need to hear?
Or do we tell people truth without any thought for how it might come across?
How can the example of Jesus help us get this balance right?

Reading: John 1:14-18

Questions to think about:

  • Truth and grace are both important. What are the implications of putting one before the other?
  • Sometimes we can start with truth very early in the disciple-making process. What are some of the negative implications of this?
  • Sometimes we can start with grace but never get to truth. What are the problems with this?
  • How should we balance grace and truth in disciple-making?