On the recent trip to Ukraine, we were reminded of the way God can bring real blessing through ordinary people who are prepared to be obedient to him.

In Matthew’s Gospel Jesus sent his followers out to proclaim the good news about God’s kingdom and to bless the people they met.

A different place, a different time, but Jesus is still sending out his followers to tell people about Him.

Let’s think and pray about how we can respond to his call

Reading: Matthew 10:1-8

Questions to think about:

  • How do the experiences of the Ukraine team encourage and challenge you?
  • Are we looking for guarantees from God before we are prepared to answer His call to go and share His good news with them?
  • Where – in your experience – are you seeing the “kingdom of heaven coming near” (v7)? How can you tell others about this?
  • Think about some of the things we have been freely given by God (v8) and spend some time giving thanks to God for them.