In the middle of a debate with a woman he met at a well, Jesus speaks about God being spirit and the importance of worshipping his “in spirit and truth”.
Jesus is saying that everything has changed – questions about where to worship God which were so important at the time are now meaningless. What is important is worshipping God with the right attitude, recognising the truth Jesus came to bring, and empowered by the Holy Spirit.
What does this mean to you, do you seek to worship God this way?

Reading: John 4:19-26

Questions to think about:

  • As material beings, the idea of someone “being spirit” can be difficult to grasp. How would you explain it?
  • What does worshipping God “in spirit” say about the way we should approach him? What about worshipping “in truth”?
  • In what ways are you going to worship God in spirit and truth this week?