After speaking about the importance of having faith in Jesus and not trying to add to that in any way Paul builds on this and looks at it from a number of different angles.

He speaks about the faith of Abraham, using that as an example, and encourages his readers to act as members of Abraham’s family, as people of faith. And as he does so he challenges us to think about whether we are relying on anything else other than faith in Jesus.

Readings: Galatians 3:1-14; 4:21-31

Questions to think about:

  • Paul speaks against the temptation to add “works of the law” to a saving faith in Christ. Are there things that we sometimes try to add and, if so, why?
  • What do you think about being considered as a member of Abraham’s family of faith (Gal 3:7, 9)?
  • How are you encouraged to know that we are “children of the free woman” (Gal 4:31)?